August 07

Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) : Paris, Genova and New York City

       The Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) : international architectural practice in Paris, Genova and New York City     The Workshop is led by 14 partners, including founder and Pritzker Prize laureate, architect Renzo Piano. The company permanently employs nearly 130 people. Around 90 architects are from all around the world, each selected […]

July 18

Nilufer Yildirim, figure of the abstract expressionist contemporary movement in Istanbul

  Nilufer Yildirim questioning our connections to the past and present     Nilufer Yildirim is an artist from Turkey, a young talent who already became a figure of the abstract expressionist contemporary movement in  Istanbul and known for her unique style of drip painting. In this interview Nilufer explains us how she translates her […]

June 29

Ardhy Massamba : “My art is innate I have it in my blood”

  Interview with Ardhy Massamba     Ardhy Massamba is a very young painter born and raised in Congo. He developed a portrait paintings for economic reasons but beyond that, his talent is a gift recognized by all.     Where in the Congo did you grow up? I was born and I grew up in […]

May 13

Nadine Kanso “What If”… Beirut would have developed into without the war?

Nadine Kanso “Far and Away” 2014, black and white silver gelatin print (29x39cm), Image Copyright to the Artist and Courtesy of Cuadro Gallery       Nadine Kanso “What if”,   what would Beirut have developed into without the war?     Nadine Kanso last art photography project presents images of Beirut shoot from the […]

April 28

“Innocents”, MOBY art photography, now presented by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

      “Innocents”, MOBY art photography, now presented by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery Downtown Fair-May 8-11 2014       Richard Melville Hall, better known under his artist name Moby, born in 1965 in Harlem (New York), had an uncle photographer who made him familiar with this media that he started to practice at 10 […]

April 24

Vision of cities landscapes changing : “Urban Reflection” a relevant exhibition at Cuadro Gallery.

Vikram Divecha, Facade series, 2014     Vision of cities landscapes changing : “Urban Reflection” a relevant exhibition at Cuadro Gallery     29 April – 17 May, 2014     Cuadro Gallery presents “Urban Reflections”, a photography exhibition that shows the vision of three international artists observing and cataloguing our changing urban landscapes. Zeinab Al […]

April 17

Palazzo Grassi : “Illusion of light”, a fundamental experience of art.

“Illusion of light”, curated by Caroline Bourgeois, Palazzo Grassi until 12/31/2014     The exhibition “Illusion of light” explore the physical aesthetic, symbolic, philosophical and political stakes of an essential dimension of human experience that also been, (since at least) the  Renaissance, a fundamental experience of art : light. It is the light that makes the invisible dimension […]

April 14

Leo Villareal : Illuminated displays created by LED lights & computer programming

LEO VILLAREAL   Artist and Lighting Designer,  combines LED lights with encoded computer programming to create illuminated displays.   Leo Villareal received a BA in sculpture from Yale University in 1990, and a graduate degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunications Program. Recent exhibitions include, a survey show organized by the San […]

April 11

WORLD WIDE ART Los Angeles : Ambitious Environmental & Social Equality project through Art Market

Art is the expression of human intelligence around the world regardless of country or culture. Even if the ideas that emerge are different, they are all united by the desire to advance the global society by making them aware of the world in which they live. The draft World Wide WORLD WIDE ART Los Angeles […]

April 09

Cuadro Gallery presents Khalid Al Banna & Noor Al Suwaidi

    Minimalism 02, From the series Black and White, Khalid Al Banna, 2004. Image copyright to the artist and courtesy of Cuadro gallery   Cuadro Gallery opens a joint exhibition of Emirati Art  Khalid Al Banna & Noor Al Suwaidi Openning 9 april 2014         Cuadro Gallery opens an joint exhibition of […]

April 03

V&A museum : tribute to the “Glamour of Italian Fashion”

V&A museum : tribute to the “Glamour of Italian Fashion” 1945 – 2014   5 April to 27 July 2014    The V&A museum in London dedicated a part of his collection to design, opens this month a new exhibition about the fashion industry with an impressive collection of models of the greatest creators Italians […]

February 26

The notion of the Chinese Dream : “Chocolate Beauty” presented by Phil Akashi

Phil Akashi presented the Chocolate Beauty series in Shanghai     For his first solo show in Shanghai, Phil Akashi presented the Chocolate Beauty series where he lets himself be inspired and questioned by the popular notion of the Chinese Dream. To escape his comfort zone, the artist selected emblematic locations in Shanghai, symbolizing the impressive pace […]

February 21

HWCD Architects, London, Barcelona, Shanghai

HWCD Architects, London, Barcelona, Shanghai     HWCD is an international design practice, based in Shanghai, with offices in London and Barcelona, offering a wide range of design services : from urban design to mixed-use; luxury hotels to high-end residential projects ; from conceptual to construction drawings. HWCD has always been guided by a belief […]

February 19

Antoine Rose, the achievement of a challenge

Antoine Rose, The achievement of a challenge Born in Belgium, Antoine Rose became interested early in photography, at the age of 8 years. He then passion for shooting landscapes during his travels around the world, from Africa, America, or Middle East. Having the opportunity to work as an official photographer of the Kitesurfing World Cup […]

February 15

Sebastien Layral, participatory research in contemporary painting

Sébastien Layral   Sébastien Layral was born in Rodez in France in 1972 and following his education at the Fine Art School in Toulouse. After graduation, he worked in a specialized center for autistic children for two years that he set up a workshop and preparing an exhibition with their own productions, an event that […]

February 14

Christophe Pouget Assemblies of time and life passing

Christophe Pouget   Assemblies of time and life passing   Christophe Pouget is a french photographer who lives and works in Lyon city, France. His work research is concerning the capture of the time passing while catching the beauty of  daily life. His travels, his meetings, his wanderings in different places and countries are the backgroung on […]

February 09


  RICHARD MOSSE “The Enclave” Photographer and filmmaker Richard Mosse focuses on war-torn regions, capturing the effects of conflict on landscapes and people in lush, cinematic images. Mosse situates his practice between documentary journalism and contemporary art practice, explaining that he seeks to represent the unrepresentable in order to “help us begin to describe, and […]

February 05

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery presents Christophe Pouget “As Time goes by”

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery presents the first New York solo show for Christophe Pouget.     Born in Saint-Etienne, Christophe Pouget is a French artist, who currently lives and works in Lyon, France, where he has his own studio of graphic design “Mine de Rien” since 1995. He had previously worked in Paris for the famous […]

January 31

Comfortable modernity, Anastasia Architects, Brasil

  Anastasia Architects Belo Horizonte Brasil     The office Anastasia Arquitetos was founded in 2001 by architects Johanna Anastasia Cardoso and Tomas Anastasia Rebelo Horta. Since then acts in various types of architectural design, including residential, commercial, offices, buildings and industries. Johanna Anastasia Cardoso She graduated in 1996 by PUC – Pontificia Univesidade Catolica. […]

January 28

Shadi Ghadirian, status of women, censorship, religion, modernity.

Shadi Ghadirian, Iran Shadi Ghadirian is an artist photographer born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran, where actually she continues to live and work. Shadi Ghadirian studied photography at Azad University Tehran and after having finished her B. A., she began her professional career as independant photographer and start to work on, as she said “quite by accident”, […]